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      Dear Sirs, we are glad to see you on our web-site. Our company was created in the beginning of 1999. The collective of our company are professionals with wide work experience and high training level. For these years we have got wide experience in initial curing of mushrooms, pine nuts and berries. We manage curing in several regions of Russia and everywhere we closely watch for ecological cleanliness of collected raw material. Our production is natural and pollution-free.

Since 1999 our company manages with following:

  • pine nuts - curing, processing in kernel and pine oil;
  • mushrooms - curing, processing and delivering (salt-boiled, fresh, dried and frozen);
  • berries - curing, processing and delivering (fresh, frozen, natural juices);
  • fern, leek,  - curing, processing and delivering (frozen, salty and dried);
  • trees - cultivation, packing and delivering of conifers from seedlings to adult trees (cedars, firs, larches).

      The procuring network was created in several regions of the Russian Federation, which is constantly expands. We have partner relations with lots of similar companies in Russia and abroad.

      At present for one season we ready to provide curing up to 1000 tons of a pine nuts, 200-300 tons of mushrooms, 100-200 tons of berries.

      Multiple increasing of curing is possible by company amendment due to additional investments. We always ready to consider terms of company amendment and others partner relations on constructive and fair basis.

      Quality of our production and responsibility are major principles we adhere. We have quality system (ISO 9000) and company governance has certificates of quality experts. On our request TACIS expert worked with our company in 2000.

      Our company adheres to principles of work and interaction. For this purpose our managers always ready to develop professional business-plan of the project.

      Our company not only takes from nature, but also tries to organize return process. In section “dikorosi-gardening” you may familiarize with our projects having not only commercial, but also a spiritual orientation.

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Фото-галерея ягод

634012, г. Томск-12, переулок Нахимова, д.10.
телефон: +7-903-914-24-31,
e-mail: info@dikorosi.ru

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